Students hang out and chat while attending a Teen Treatment Center | ThreePeaks Ascent is a Short-term Residential Treatment Center for Teens

Premier Teen Treatment Center: Program Overview

Nurturing Growth, Restoring Hope: Discover our compassionate and comprehensive residential treatment approach that nurtures the growth of struggling teens, restores hope, and cultivates the skills and resilience needed for a brighter future.

Assessment & Stabilization

Engaging & Empowering Teens in the Healing Process

Helping Teens Develop Competence, Mastery, & Leadership

Residential Treatment Program Overview

At ThreePeaks Ascent, therapy extends far beyond the confines of an office. Here, it becomes an immersive and continuous journey. Imagine your teenager building a fire, hiking through the high desert, or skillfully carving a spoon. In every activity, they are not just engaged; they are growing, learning, and changing. Every minute spent at ThreePeaks Ascent is an opportunity for inspiration and personal development.

Residential treatment is a process. Healing takes time and effort, but with the right tools and the right treatment plan, recovery is possible!

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    The Three Peaks of Our Residential Program

    Peak 1

    Assessment & Stabilization

    Effective short-term residential treatment focuses on assessment and stabilization.

    Peak 2

    Engage & Empower

    Focuses on engaging teens in the therapeutic process and empowering them with the skills needed to thrive.

    Peak 3

    Competence, Mastery, & Leadership

    Helping teens redirect their previously misused potential toward developing mastery in life.

    Is ThreePeaks Ascent Right for Your Teen?

    How Teen Treatment Works

    Our comprehensive program at ThreePeaks Ascent is rooted in seven principles that have proven to be instrumental in guiding families toward recovery from their teen's mental, emotional, and behavioral issues.


    Building healthy relationships is not only essential for personal growth and development but also sets the stage for a successful future. Through our program, your teen will reside in a close-knit community where they can learn to establish and nurture positive connections with their peers and mentors in a safe and supportive environment.

    The effectiveness of short-term residential treatment for teens hinges on its responsiveness to your teenager's individual struggles, strengths, personality, sociocultural context, and preferences. At our facility, we integrate decades of research and clinical expertise into an evidence-based treatment approach, crafting a personalized plan that aligns with your teen's distinct challenges, characteristics, cultural background, and preferences.


    The immersive natural environment at our program creates a dynamic setting where students are immersed in an atmosphere of change and growth. By immersing your teen in a novel physical environment, they are able to break free from their ingrained perspectives and open themselves to new possibilities. This environment becomes a catalyst for accelerated growth and transformation.


    Your teenager's challenges have ripple effects that touch every member of your family. That's why our healing process adopts a comprehensive approach that involves your whole family. By actively engaging parents and providing family support throughout treatment, we maximize your teen's progress and ensure a smoother transition post-treatment. As part of this approach, you will participate in weekly family therapy sessions where we address your family's unique struggles and work towards healing together.

    We also recognize the significance of maintaining close family connections, and encourage the therapeutic practice of letter writing, fostering heartfelt communication and providing a unique avenue to address your family's struggles. In addition, you will have access to our parent resource library, and participate in weekly support calls with other parents.

    Your teenager's struggles permeate every facet of their life. It is imperative that the treatment they receive addresses and heals every aspect as well. At our treatment program, we embrace a holistic and integrated approach that ensures comprehensive healing across all areas of your teen's life. Through regular collaborative meetings, our team of mentors, therapists, doctors, nurses, academic directors, and nutritionists convene to discuss your child's progress and devise tailored interventions that offer the utmost therapeutic benefits.

    Teens grappling with mental, emotional, and behavioral issues frequently grapple with self-doubt and a diminished sense of self-worth. By equipping them with foundational life and coping skills, we cultivate a profound belief in their own capabilities. The healing power of nature serves as a catalyst for their growth, empowering them to flourish not only within the therapeutic environment but also in their homes, schools, and relationships.


    A ceremony is a powerful tool that can change your teenager's life. A ceremony is a community celebration or commemoration often having symbolic importance to the people performing it. A ceremony recognizes your teen's inner growth and experiences and attaches it to a physical symbol that your teen can take with them. A ceremony can help your teen validate and internalize the growth they have achieved.


    Benefits of Nature-Based Residential Treatment

    Discover the immense power of nature's embrace on your teenager's well-being. It not only improves their mental, emotional, and physical health but also nourishes their soul. Our nature-based treatment program, combined with a trusted clinical approach, unlocks the potential for healing their mental, emotional, and behavioral issues. Your family will experience five specific benefits while your teen's in short-term residential treatment.

    Unravel the complexity of your teenager's mental health struggles and discover the key to unlocking their healing potential. Emotional and behavioral challenges are often symptoms of deeper underlying issues. Through accurate mental health assessments and observation in a novel environment, our dedicated therapists gain a profound understanding of your child's needs. This personalized approach ensures optimal treatment, empowering your teen to navigate their healing journey with clarity, purpose, and genuine transformation.


    Unhealthy patterns and struggles seem to perpetuate one another, leaving your teen trapped in a cycle of frustration. Our nature-based residential treatment disrupts those patterns and empowers your teen to embrace a new way of being.
    Our program provides a novel environment that disrupts unhealthy patterns and behaviors enabling your teen to break free from their struggles and create a positive, fulfilling future.

    Teens living with mental, emotional, and behavioral issues often struggle to stay engaged in treatment, leading to poor outcomes and relapses. Even teens who have shown resistance to therapy find themselves deeply engaged in our nature-based treatment program. The captivating power of nature, combined with our tailored approach, awakens a sense of curiosity, motivation, and commitment within them. It's a transformative experience that leads to lasting change, improved clinical outcomes, and a brighter future.


    Imagine your teen rediscovering their sense of self and navigating their crisis with resilience and confidence.

    Our program offers a transformative experience where teens in crisis gain the necessary social and emotional coping skills to thrive. By creating a solid foundation for healthy identity development, we empower them to rediscover their true potential and build a future filled with growth, self-discovery, and meaningful connections.

    If you're like most parents, you don't want to just get rid of your teen's anger issues.  You want them to eventually become thriving, independent adults equipped with the skills necessary to succeed outside your home. These include:

    • Resilience - the ability to successfully adapt to challenging situations despite risk and adversity. Resilience helps us develop social competence, problem-solving skills, critical consciousness, autonomy, and a sense of purpose.
    • Leadership & Social Competence skills include qualities such as:
      • responsiveness, especially the ability to elicit positive responses from others
      • flexibility
      • empathy
      • communication skills
      • and a sense of humor
    • Problem-solving skills - the ability to plan; to be resourceful in seeking help from others; and to think critically, creatively, and reflectively.
    • Autonomy is having a sense of one's own identity and an ability to act independently and exert some control over one's environment, including a sense of task mastery, internal locus of control, and self-efficacy. The development of resistance (refusing to accept negative messages about oneself) and detachment (distancing oneself from dysfunction) serves as a powerful protector of autonomy.
    • Sense of Purpose and a belief in a bright future, including goal direction, educational aspirations, achievement motivation, persistence, hopefulness, optimism, and spiritual connectedness.


    Key Elements of Our Residential Treatment Program

    Picture a secluded haven nestled amidst nature's embrace, where teens embark on a transformative path to self-discovery and healing. In this serene setting, every action carries real-life significance, offering invaluable lessons along the way. Away from the urban chaos, teens gain clarity and insight into the course of their actions and the motives that drive them. Our nature-based residential treatment center provides the ideal environment for them to confront the root cause of their struggles, fostering personal growth, accountability, and a renewed sense of purpose

    Individual & Group Therapy

    Imagine a therapeutic journey where your teen discovers the strength to unearth unwanted behaviors and problems, paving the way for a brighter future.

    Within the nurturing environment of ThreePeaks Ascent, our therapists provide personalized support, walking alongside your teen as they navigate the complexities of their emotions and experiences. Through structured individual and group therapy sessions, participants witness the profound impact of their actions on themselves and those around them. Together, they forge a path toward personal growth, authentic connections, and a renewed sense of purpose.

    Learn more about our Therapy at ThreePeaks Ascent

    Family Therapy

    At ThreePeaks Ascent, we believe in the power of family connections. That's why our comprehensive approach embraces Family Therapy as a vital component of the healing process. Through weekly sessions, we create a nurturing space for your family to address challenges, foster understanding, and build stronger bonds. By actively involving parents and providing ongoing resources and support, we lay the groundwork for lasting change and a family system where your teen can thrive.

    Learn more about our residential family treatment program


    Tap into your teen's academic potential and create a solid foundation for their future success. At ThreePeaks Ascent, we understand that academic difficulties can deeply impact a teen's well-being and overall crisis experience. Recognizing the central role academics play in their lives, we provide comprehensive support to assess and address these challenges. Through formal academic testing, personalized interventions, and ongoing academic work during their stay, we empower teens to overcome obstacles, build confidence, and prepare for a successful return to school.

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    Is ThreePeaks Ascent The Right Fit?

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